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  // cmpout
  // Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
  // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
  // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
  // Test internal print routines that are generated
  // by the print builtin.  This test is not exhaustive,
  // we're just checking that the formatting is correct.
  package main
  func main() {
  	println((interface{})(nil)) // printeface
  	println((interface {        // printiface
  	println((map[int]int)(nil)) // printpointer
  	println(([]int)(nil))       // printslice
  	println(int64(-7))          // printint
  	println(uint64(7))          // printuint
  	println(uint32(7))          // printuint
  	println(uint16(7))          // printuint
  	println(uint8(7))           // printuint
  	println(uint(7))            // printuint
  	println(uintptr(7))         // printuint
  	println(8.0)                // printfloat
  	println(complex(9.0, 10.0)) // printcomplex
  	println(true)               // printbool
  	println(false)              // printbool
  	println("hello")            // printstring
  	println("one", "two")       // printsp
  	// test goprintf
  	defer println((interface{})(nil))
  	defer println((interface {
  	defer println((map[int]int)(nil))
  	defer println(([]int)(nil))
  	defer println(int64(-11))
  	defer println(uint64(12))
  	defer println(uint32(12))
  	defer println(uint16(12))
  	defer println(uint8(12))
  	defer println(uint(12))
  	defer println(uintptr(12))
  	defer println(13.0)
  	defer println(complex(14.0, 15.0))
  	defer println(true)
  	defer println(false)
  	defer println("hello")
  	defer println("one", "two")

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