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Source file test/fixedbugs/issue14636.go

Documentation: test/fixedbugs

  // +build !nacl,!js,!android,!darwin darwin,!arm
  // run
  // Copyright 2016 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
  // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
  // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
  package main
  import (
  func main() {
  	checkLinkOutput("", "-B argument must start with 0x")
  	checkLinkOutput("0", "-B argument must start with 0x")
  	checkLinkOutput("0x", "usage")
  	checkLinkOutput("0x0", "-B argument must have even number of digits")
  	checkLinkOutput("0x00", "usage")
  	checkLinkOutput("0xYZ", "-B argument contains invalid hex digit")
  	checkLinkOutput("0x"+strings.Repeat("00", 32), "usage")
  	checkLinkOutput("0x"+strings.Repeat("00", 33), "-B option too long (max 32 digits)")
  func checkLinkOutput(buildid string, message string) {
  	cmd := exec.Command("go", "tool", "link", "-B", buildid)
  	out, err := cmd.CombinedOutput()
  	if err == nil {
  		log.Fatalf("expected cmd/link to fail")
  	firstLine := string(bytes.SplitN(out, []byte("\n"), 2)[0])
  	if strings.HasPrefix(firstLine, "panic") {
  		log.Fatalf("cmd/link panicked:\n%s", out)
  	if !strings.Contains(firstLine, message) {
  		log.Fatalf("cmd/link output did not include expected message %q: %s", message, firstLine)

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