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  // errorcheck -0 -m -l
  // Copyright 2015 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
  // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
  // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
  // Test escape analysis for function parameters.
  // In this test almost everything is BAD except the simplest cases
  // where input directly flows to output.
  package foo
  func f(buf []byte) []byte { // ERROR "leaking param: buf to result ~r1 level=0$"
  	return buf
  func g(*byte) string
  func h(e int) {
  	var x [32]byte // ERROR "moved to heap: x$"
  	g(&f(x[:])[0]) // ERROR "&f\(x\[:\]\)\[0\] escapes to heap$" "x escapes to heap$"
  type Node struct {
  	s           string
  	left, right *Node
  func walk(np **Node) int { // ERROR "leaking param content: np"
  	n := *np
  	w := len(n.s)
  	if n == nil {
  		return 0
  	wl := walk(&n.left)  // ERROR "walk &n.left does not escape"
  	wr := walk(&n.right) // ERROR "walk &n.right does not escape"
  	if wl < wr {
  		n.left, n.right = n.right, n.left
  		wl, wr = wr, wl
  	*np = n
  	return w + wl + wr
  // Test for bug where func var f used prototype's escape analysis results.
  func prototype(xyz []string) {} // ERROR "prototype xyz does not escape"
  func bar() {
  	var got [][]string
  	f := prototype
  	f = func(ss []string) { got = append(got, ss) } // ERROR "leaking param: ss" "func literal does not escape"
  	s := "string"
  	f([]string{s}) // ERROR "\[\]string literal escapes to heap"

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