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Documentation: unicode

  // Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
  // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
  // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
  // TODO: This file contains the special casing rules for Turkish and Azeri only.
  // It should encompass all the languages with special casing rules
  // and be generated automatically, but that requires some API
  // development first.
  package unicode
  var TurkishCase SpecialCase = _TurkishCase
  var _TurkishCase = SpecialCase{
  	CaseRange{0x0049, 0x0049, d{0, 0x131 - 0x49, 0}},
  	CaseRange{0x0069, 0x0069, d{0x130 - 0x69, 0, 0x130 - 0x69}},
  	CaseRange{0x0130, 0x0130, d{0, 0x69 - 0x130, 0}},
  	CaseRange{0x0131, 0x0131, d{0x49 - 0x131, 0, 0x49 - 0x131}},
  var AzeriCase SpecialCase = _TurkishCase

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