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  // Copyright 2012 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
  // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
  // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
  package sync
  import "unsafe"
  // defined in package runtime
  // Semacquire waits until *s > 0 and then atomically decrements it.
  // It is intended as a simple sleep primitive for use by the synchronization
  // library and should not be used directly.
  func runtime_Semacquire(s *uint32)
  // SemacquireMutex is like Semacquire, but for profiling contended Mutexes.
  // If lifo is true, queue waiter at the head of wait queue.
  func runtime_SemacquireMutex(s *uint32, lifo bool)
  // Semrelease atomically increments *s and notifies a waiting goroutine
  // if one is blocked in Semacquire.
  // It is intended as a simple wakeup primitive for use by the synchronization
  // library and should not be used directly.
  // If handoff is true, pass count directly to the first waiter.
  func runtime_Semrelease(s *uint32, handoff bool)
  // Approximation of notifyList in runtime/sema.go. Size and alignment must
  // agree.
  type notifyList struct {
  	wait   uint32
  	notify uint32
  	lock   uintptr
  	head   unsafe.Pointer
  	tail   unsafe.Pointer
  // See runtime/sema.go for documentation.
  func runtime_notifyListAdd(l *notifyList) uint32
  // See runtime/sema.go for documentation.
  func runtime_notifyListWait(l *notifyList, t uint32)
  // See runtime/sema.go for documentation.
  func runtime_notifyListNotifyAll(l *notifyList)
  // See runtime/sema.go for documentation.
  func runtime_notifyListNotifyOne(l *notifyList)
  // Ensure that sync and runtime agree on size of notifyList.
  func runtime_notifyListCheck(size uintptr)
  func init() {
  	var n notifyList
  // Active spinning runtime support.
  // runtime_canSpin returns true is spinning makes sense at the moment.
  func runtime_canSpin(i int) bool
  // runtime_doSpin does active spinning.
  func runtime_doSpin()
  func runtime_nanotime() int64

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