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Source file src/runtime/defs_windows_amd64.go

Documentation: runtime

  // created by cgo -cdefs and then converted to Go
  // cgo -cdefs defs_windows.go
  package runtime
  const (
  	_PROT_NONE  = 0
  	_PROT_READ  = 1
  	_PROT_WRITE = 2
  	_PROT_EXEC  = 4
  	_MAP_ANON    = 1
  	_SIGINT           = 0x2
  	_CTRL_C_EVENT     = 0x0
  	_CONTEXT_CONTROL = 0x100001
  	_CONTEXT_FULL    = 0x10000b
  	_EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT           = 0x80000003
  	_EXCEPTION_FLT_OVERFLOW         = 0xc0000091
  	_EXCEPTION_FLT_UNDERFLOW        = 0xc0000093
  	_EXCEPTION_INT_OVERFLOW         = 0xc0000095
  	_INFINITE     = 0xffffffff
  	_WAIT_TIMEOUT = 0x102
  type systeminfo struct {
  	anon0                       [4]byte
  	dwpagesize                  uint32
  	lpminimumapplicationaddress *byte
  	lpmaximumapplicationaddress *byte
  	dwactiveprocessormask       uint64
  	dwnumberofprocessors        uint32
  	dwprocessortype             uint32
  	dwallocationgranularity     uint32
  	wprocessorlevel             uint16
  	wprocessorrevision          uint16
  type exceptionrecord struct {
  	exceptioncode        uint32
  	exceptionflags       uint32
  	exceptionrecord      *exceptionrecord
  	exceptionaddress     *byte
  	numberparameters     uint32
  	pad_cgo_0            [4]byte
  	exceptioninformation [15]uint64
  type m128a struct {
  	low  uint64
  	high int64
  type context struct {
  	p1home               uint64
  	p2home               uint64
  	p3home               uint64
  	p4home               uint64
  	p5home               uint64
  	p6home               uint64
  	contextflags         uint32
  	mxcsr                uint32
  	segcs                uint16
  	segds                uint16
  	seges                uint16
  	segfs                uint16
  	seggs                uint16
  	segss                uint16
  	eflags               uint32
  	dr0                  uint64
  	dr1                  uint64
  	dr2                  uint64
  	dr3                  uint64
  	dr6                  uint64
  	dr7                  uint64
  	rax                  uint64
  	rcx                  uint64
  	rdx                  uint64
  	rbx                  uint64
  	rsp                  uint64
  	rbp                  uint64
  	rsi                  uint64
  	rdi                  uint64
  	r8                   uint64
  	r9                   uint64
  	r10                  uint64
  	r11                  uint64
  	r12                  uint64
  	r13                  uint64
  	r14                  uint64
  	r15                  uint64
  	rip                  uint64
  	anon0                [512]byte
  	vectorregister       [26]m128a
  	vectorcontrol        uint64
  	debugcontrol         uint64
  	lastbranchtorip      uint64
  	lastbranchfromrip    uint64
  	lastexceptiontorip   uint64
  	lastexceptionfromrip uint64
  func (c *context) ip() uintptr { return uintptr(c.rip) }
  func (c *context) sp() uintptr { return uintptr(c.rsp) }
  func (c *context) setip(x uintptr) { c.rip = uint64(x) }
  func (c *context) setsp(x uintptr) { c.rsp = uint64(x) }
  func dumpregs(r *context) {
  	print("rax     ", hex(r.rax), "\n")
  	print("rbx     ", hex(r.rbx), "\n")
  	print("rcx     ", hex(r.rcx), "\n")
  	print("rdi     ", hex(r.rdi), "\n")
  	print("rsi     ", hex(r.rsi), "\n")
  	print("rbp     ", hex(r.rbp), "\n")
  	print("rsp     ", hex(r.rsp), "\n")
  	print("r8      ", hex(r.r8), "\n")
  	print("r9      ", hex(r.r9), "\n")
  	print("r10     ", hex(r.r10), "\n")
  	print("r11     ", hex(r.r11), "\n")
  	print("r12     ", hex(r.r12), "\n")
  	print("r13     ", hex(r.r13), "\n")
  	print("r14     ", hex(r.r14), "\n")
  	print("r15     ", hex(r.r15), "\n")
  	print("rip     ", hex(r.rip), "\n")
  	print("rflags  ", hex(r.eflags), "\n")
  	print("cs      ", hex(r.segcs), "\n")
  	print("fs      ", hex(r.segfs), "\n")
  	print("gs      ", hex(r.seggs), "\n")
  type overlapped struct {
  	internal     uint64
  	internalhigh uint64
  	anon0        [8]byte
  	hevent       *byte

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