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Source file src/runtime/defs_nacl_arm.go

Documentation: runtime

  package runtime
  const (
  	// These values are referred to in the source code
  	// but really don't matter. Even so, use the standard numbers.
  	_SIGQUIT = 3
  	_SIGSEGV = 11
  	_SIGPROF = 27
  type timespec struct {
  	tv_sec  int64
  	tv_nsec int32
  type excregsarm struct {
  	r0   uint32
  	r1   uint32
  	r2   uint32
  	r3   uint32
  	r4   uint32
  	r5   uint32
  	r6   uint32
  	r7   uint32
  	r8   uint32
  	r9   uint32 // the value reported here is undefined.
  	r10  uint32
  	r11  uint32
  	r12  uint32
  	sp   uint32 /* r13 */
  	lr   uint32 /* r14 */
  	pc   uint32 /* r15 */
  	cpsr uint32
  type exccontext struct {
  	size                    uint32
  	portable_context_offset uint32
  	portable_context_size   uint32
  	arch                    uint32
  	regs_size               uint32
  	reserved                [11]uint32
  	regs                    excregsarm
  type excportablecontext struct {
  	pc uint32
  	sp uint32
  	fp uint32

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