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Source file src/internal/nettrace/nettrace.go

Documentation: internal/nettrace

  // Copyright 2016 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
  // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
  // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
  // Package nettrace contains internal hooks for tracing activity in
  // the net package. This package is purely internal for use by the
  // net/http/httptrace package and has no stable API exposed to end
  // users.
  package nettrace
  // TraceKey is a context.Context Value key. Its associated value should
  // be a *Trace struct.
  type TraceKey struct{}
  // LookupIPAltResolverKey is a context.Context Value key used by tests to
  // specify an alternate resolver func.
  // It is not exposed to outsider users. (But see issue 12503)
  // The value should be the same type as lookupIP:
  //     func lookupIP(ctx context.Context, host string) ([]IPAddr, error)
  type LookupIPAltResolverKey struct{}
  // Trace contains a set of hooks for tracing events within
  // the net package. Any specific hook may be nil.
  type Trace struct {
  	// DNSStart is called with the hostname of a DNS lookup
  	// before it begins.
  	DNSStart func(name string)
  	// DNSDone is called after a DNS lookup completes (or fails).
  	// The coalesced parameter is whether singleflight de-dupped
  	// the call. The addrs are of type net.IPAddr but can't
  	// actually be for circular dependency reasons.
  	DNSDone func(netIPs []interface{}, coalesced bool, err error)
  	// ConnectStart is called before a Dial, excluding Dials made
  	// during DNS lookups. In the case of DualStack (Happy Eyeballs)
  	// dialing, this may be called multiple times, from multiple
  	// goroutines.
  	ConnectStart func(network, addr string)
  	// ConnectStart is called after a Dial with the results, excluding
  	// Dials made during DNS lookups. It may also be called multiple
  	// times, like ConnectStart.
  	ConnectDone func(network, addr string, err error)

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