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Documentation: go/token

  // Copyright 2011 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
  // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
  // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
  package token
  type serializedFile struct {
  	// fields correspond 1:1 to fields with same (lower-case) name in File
  	Name  string
  	Base  int
  	Size  int
  	Lines []int
  	Infos []lineInfo
  type serializedFileSet struct {
  	Base  int
  	Files []serializedFile
  // Read calls decode to deserialize a file set into s; s must not be nil.
  func (s *FileSet) Read(decode func(interface{}) error) error {
  	var ss serializedFileSet
  	if err := decode(&ss); err != nil {
  		return err
  	s.base = ss.Base
  	files := make([]*File, len(ss.Files))
  	for i := 0; i < len(ss.Files); i++ {
  		f := &ss.Files[i]
  		files[i] = &File{
  			set:   s,
  			name:  f.Name,
  			base:  f.Base,
  			size:  f.Size,
  			lines: f.Lines,
  			infos: f.Infos,
  	s.files = files
  	s.last = nil
  	return nil
  // Write calls encode to serialize the file set s.
  func (s *FileSet) Write(encode func(interface{}) error) error {
  	var ss serializedFileSet
  	ss.Base = s.base
  	files := make([]serializedFile, len(s.files))
  	for i, f := range s.files {
  		files[i] = serializedFile{
  			Name:  f.name,
  			Base:  f.base,
  			Size:  f.size,
  			Lines: append([]int(nil), f.lines...),
  			Infos: append([]lineInfo(nil), f.infos...),
  	ss.Files = files
  	return encode(ss)

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