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Documentation: debug/macho

  // Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
  // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
  // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
  // Mach-O header data structures
  // http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/documentation/DeveloperTools/Conceptual/MachORuntime/Reference/reference.html
  package macho
  import "strconv"
  // A FileHeader represents a Mach-O file header.
  type FileHeader struct {
  	Magic  uint32
  	Cpu    Cpu
  	SubCpu uint32
  	Type   Type
  	Ncmd   uint32
  	Cmdsz  uint32
  	Flags  uint32
  const (
  	fileHeaderSize32 = 7 * 4
  	fileHeaderSize64 = 8 * 4
  const (
  	Magic32  uint32 = 0xfeedface
  	Magic64  uint32 = 0xfeedfacf
  	MagicFat uint32 = 0xcafebabe
  // A Type is the Mach-O file type, e.g. an object file, executable, or dynamic library.
  type Type uint32
  const (
  	TypeObj    Type = 1
  	TypeExec   Type = 2
  	TypeDylib  Type = 6
  	TypeBundle Type = 8
  var typeStrings = []intName{
  	{uint32(TypeObj), "Obj"},
  	{uint32(TypeExec), "Exec"},
  	{uint32(TypeDylib), "Dylib"},
  	{uint32(TypeBundle), "Bundle"},
  func (t Type) String() string   { return stringName(uint32(t), typeStrings, false) }
  func (t Type) GoString() string { return stringName(uint32(t), typeStrings, true) }
  // A Cpu is a Mach-O cpu type.
  type Cpu uint32
  const cpuArch64 = 0x01000000
  const (
  	Cpu386   Cpu = 7
  	CpuAmd64 Cpu = Cpu386 | cpuArch64
  	CpuArm   Cpu = 12
  	CpuArm64 Cpu = CpuArm | cpuArch64
  	CpuPpc   Cpu = 18
  	CpuPpc64 Cpu = CpuPpc | cpuArch64
  var cpuStrings = []intName{
  	{uint32(Cpu386), "Cpu386"},
  	{uint32(CpuAmd64), "CpuAmd64"},
  	{uint32(CpuArm), "CpuArm"},
  	{uint32(CpuArm64), "CpuArm64"},
  	{uint32(CpuPpc), "CpuPpc"},
  	{uint32(CpuPpc64), "CpuPpc64"},
  func (i Cpu) String() string   { return stringName(uint32(i), cpuStrings, false) }
  func (i Cpu) GoString() string { return stringName(uint32(i), cpuStrings, true) }
  // A LoadCmd is a Mach-O load command.
  type LoadCmd uint32
  const (
  	LoadCmdSegment    LoadCmd = 0x1
  	LoadCmdSymtab     LoadCmd = 0x2
  	LoadCmdThread     LoadCmd = 0x4
  	LoadCmdUnixThread LoadCmd = 0x5 // thread+stack
  	LoadCmdDysymtab   LoadCmd = 0xb
  	LoadCmdDylib      LoadCmd = 0xc // load dylib command
  	LoadCmdDylinker   LoadCmd = 0xf // id dylinker command (not load dylinker command)
  	LoadCmdSegment64  LoadCmd = 0x19
  	LoadCmdRpath      LoadCmd = 0x8000001c
  var cmdStrings = []intName{
  	{uint32(LoadCmdSegment), "LoadCmdSegment"},
  	{uint32(LoadCmdThread), "LoadCmdThread"},
  	{uint32(LoadCmdUnixThread), "LoadCmdUnixThread"},
  	{uint32(LoadCmdDylib), "LoadCmdDylib"},
  	{uint32(LoadCmdSegment64), "LoadCmdSegment64"},
  	{uint32(LoadCmdRpath), "LoadCmdRpath"},
  func (i LoadCmd) String() string   { return stringName(uint32(i), cmdStrings, false) }
  func (i LoadCmd) GoString() string { return stringName(uint32(i), cmdStrings, true) }
  type (
  	// A Segment32 is a 32-bit Mach-O segment load command.
  	Segment32 struct {
  		Cmd     LoadCmd
  		Len     uint32
  		Name    [16]byte
  		Addr    uint32
  		Memsz   uint32
  		Offset  uint32
  		Filesz  uint32
  		Maxprot uint32
  		Prot    uint32
  		Nsect   uint32
  		Flag    uint32
  	// A Segment64 is a 64-bit Mach-O segment load command.
  	Segment64 struct {
  		Cmd     LoadCmd
  		Len     uint32
  		Name    [16]byte
  		Addr    uint64
  		Memsz   uint64
  		Offset  uint64
  		Filesz  uint64
  		Maxprot uint32
  		Prot    uint32
  		Nsect   uint32
  		Flag    uint32
  	// A SymtabCmd is a Mach-O symbol table command.
  	SymtabCmd struct {
  		Cmd     LoadCmd
  		Len     uint32
  		Symoff  uint32
  		Nsyms   uint32
  		Stroff  uint32
  		Strsize uint32
  	// A DysymtabCmd is a Mach-O dynamic symbol table command.
  	DysymtabCmd struct {
  		Cmd            LoadCmd
  		Len            uint32
  		Ilocalsym      uint32
  		Nlocalsym      uint32
  		Iextdefsym     uint32
  		Nextdefsym     uint32
  		Iundefsym      uint32
  		Nundefsym      uint32
  		Tocoffset      uint32
  		Ntoc           uint32
  		Modtaboff      uint32
  		Nmodtab        uint32
  		Extrefsymoff   uint32
  		Nextrefsyms    uint32
  		Indirectsymoff uint32
  		Nindirectsyms  uint32
  		Extreloff      uint32
  		Nextrel        uint32
  		Locreloff      uint32
  		Nlocrel        uint32
  	// A DylibCmd is a Mach-O load dynamic library command.
  	DylibCmd struct {
  		Cmd            LoadCmd
  		Len            uint32
  		Name           uint32
  		Time           uint32
  		CurrentVersion uint32
  		CompatVersion  uint32
  	// A RpathCmd is a Mach-O rpath command.
  	RpathCmd struct {
  		Cmd  LoadCmd
  		Len  uint32
  		Path uint32
  	// A Thread is a Mach-O thread state command.
  	Thread struct {
  		Cmd  LoadCmd
  		Len  uint32
  		Type uint32
  		Data []uint32
  const (
  	FlagNoUndefs              uint32 = 0x1
  	FlagIncrLink              uint32 = 0x2
  	FlagDyldLink              uint32 = 0x4
  	FlagBindAtLoad            uint32 = 0x8
  	FlagPrebound              uint32 = 0x10
  	FlagSplitSegs             uint32 = 0x20
  	FlagLazyInit              uint32 = 0x40
  	FlagTwoLevel              uint32 = 0x80
  	FlagForceFlat             uint32 = 0x100
  	FlagNoMultiDefs           uint32 = 0x200
  	FlagNoFixPrebinding       uint32 = 0x400
  	FlagPrebindable           uint32 = 0x800
  	FlagAllModsBound          uint32 = 0x1000
  	FlagSubsectionsViaSymbols uint32 = 0x2000
  	FlagCanonical             uint32 = 0x4000
  	FlagWeakDefines           uint32 = 0x8000
  	FlagBindsToWeak           uint32 = 0x10000
  	FlagAllowStackExecution   uint32 = 0x20000
  	FlagRootSafe              uint32 = 0x40000
  	FlagSetuidSafe            uint32 = 0x80000
  	FlagNoReexportedDylibs    uint32 = 0x100000
  	FlagPIE                   uint32 = 0x200000
  	FlagDeadStrippableDylib   uint32 = 0x400000
  	FlagHasTLVDescriptors     uint32 = 0x800000
  	FlagNoHeapExecution       uint32 = 0x1000000
  	FlagAppExtensionSafe      uint32 = 0x2000000
  // A Section32 is a 32-bit Mach-O section header.
  type Section32 struct {
  	Name     [16]byte
  	Seg      [16]byte
  	Addr     uint32
  	Size     uint32
  	Offset   uint32
  	Align    uint32
  	Reloff   uint32
  	Nreloc   uint32
  	Flags    uint32
  	Reserve1 uint32
  	Reserve2 uint32
  // A Section64 is a 64-bit Mach-O section header.
  type Section64 struct {
  	Name     [16]byte
  	Seg      [16]byte
  	Addr     uint64
  	Size     uint64
  	Offset   uint32
  	Align    uint32
  	Reloff   uint32
  	Nreloc   uint32
  	Flags    uint32
  	Reserve1 uint32
  	Reserve2 uint32
  	Reserve3 uint32
  // An Nlist32 is a Mach-O 32-bit symbol table entry.
  type Nlist32 struct {
  	Name  uint32
  	Type  uint8
  	Sect  uint8
  	Desc  uint16
  	Value uint32
  // An Nlist64 is a Mach-O 64-bit symbol table entry.
  type Nlist64 struct {
  	Name  uint32
  	Type  uint8
  	Sect  uint8
  	Desc  uint16
  	Value uint64
  // Regs386 is the Mach-O 386 register structure.
  type Regs386 struct {
  	AX    uint32
  	BX    uint32
  	CX    uint32
  	DX    uint32
  	DI    uint32
  	SI    uint32
  	BP    uint32
  	SP    uint32
  	SS    uint32
  	FLAGS uint32
  	IP    uint32
  	CS    uint32
  	DS    uint32
  	ES    uint32
  	FS    uint32
  	GS    uint32
  // RegsAMD64 is the Mach-O AMD64 register structure.
  type RegsAMD64 struct {
  	AX    uint64
  	BX    uint64
  	CX    uint64
  	DX    uint64
  	DI    uint64
  	SI    uint64
  	BP    uint64
  	SP    uint64
  	R8    uint64
  	R9    uint64
  	R10   uint64
  	R11   uint64
  	R12   uint64
  	R13   uint64
  	R14   uint64
  	R15   uint64
  	IP    uint64
  	FLAGS uint64
  	CS    uint64
  	FS    uint64
  	GS    uint64
  type intName struct {
  	i uint32
  	s string
  func stringName(i uint32, names []intName, goSyntax bool) string {
  	for _, n := range names {
  		if n.i == i {
  			if goSyntax {
  				return "macho." + n.s
  			return n.s
  	return strconv.FormatUint(uint64(i), 10)

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