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Package testdeps

import "testing/internal/testdeps"

Overview ▾

Package testdeps provides access to dependencies needed by test execution.

This package is imported by the generated main package, which passes TestDeps into testing.Main. This allows tests to use packages at run time without making those packages direct dependencies of package testing. Direct dependencies of package testing are harder to write tests for.


ImportPath is the import path of the testing binary, set by the generated main function.

var ImportPath string

type TestDeps

TestDeps is an implementation of the testing.testDeps interface, suitable for passing to testing.MainStart.

type TestDeps struct{}

func (TestDeps) ImportPath

func (TestDeps) ImportPath() string

func (TestDeps) MatchString

func (TestDeps) MatchString(pat, str string) (result bool, err error)

func (TestDeps) SetPanicOnExit0

func (TestDeps) SetPanicOnExit0(v bool)

SetPanicOnExit0 tells the os package whether to panic on os.Exit(0).

func (TestDeps) StartCPUProfile

func (TestDeps) StartCPUProfile(w io.Writer) error

func (TestDeps) StartTestLog

func (TestDeps) StartTestLog(w io.Writer)

func (TestDeps) StopCPUProfile

func (TestDeps) StopCPUProfile()

func (TestDeps) StopTestLog

func (TestDeps) StopTestLog() error

func (TestDeps) WriteProfileTo

func (TestDeps) WriteProfileTo(name string, w io.Writer, debug int) error