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Package testlog

import "internal/testlog"

Overview ▾

Package testlog provides a back-channel communication path between tests and package os, so that cmd/go can see which environment variables and files a test consults.

func Getenv

func Getenv(name string)

Getenv calls Logger().Getenv, if a logger has been set.

func Open

func Open(name string)

Open calls Logger().Open, if a logger has been set.

func PanicOnExit0

func PanicOnExit0() bool

PanicOnExit0 reports whether to panic on a call to os.Exit(0). This is in the testlog package because, like other definitions in package testlog, it is a hook between the testing package and the os package. This is used to ensure that an early call to os.Exit(0) does not cause a test to pass.

func SetLogger

func SetLogger(impl Interface)

SetLogger sets the test logger implementation for the current process. It must be called only once, at process startup.

func SetPanicOnExit0

func SetPanicOnExit0(v bool)

SetPanicOnExit0 sets panicOnExit0 to v.

func Stat

func Stat(name string)

Stat calls Logger().Stat, if a logger has been set.

type Interface

Interface is the interface required of test loggers. The os package will invoke the interface's methods to indicate that it is inspecting the given environment variables or files. Multiple goroutines may call these methods simultaneously.

type Interface interface {
    Getenv(key string)
    Stat(file string)
    Open(file string)
    Chdir(dir string)

func Logger

func Logger() Interface

Logger returns the current test logger implementation. It returns nil if there is no logger.