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Package modinfo

import "cmd/go/internal/modinfo"

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type ModuleError

type ModuleError struct {
        Err string // error text

type ModulePublic

type ModulePublic struct {
        Path      string        `json:",omitempty"` // module path
        Version   string        `json:",omitempty"` // module version
        Versions  []string      `json:",omitempty"` // available module versions
        Replace   *ModulePublic `json:",omitempty"` // replaced by this module
        Time      *time.Time    `json:",omitempty"` // time version was created
        Update    *ModulePublic `json:",omitempty"` // available update (with -u)
        Main      bool          `json:",omitempty"` // is this the main module?
        Indirect  bool          `json:",omitempty"` // module is only indirectly needed by main module
        Dir       string        `json:",omitempty"` // directory holding local copy of files, if any
        GoMod     string        `json:",omitempty"` // path to go.mod file describing module, if any
        Error     *ModuleError  `json:",omitempty"` // error loading module
        GoVersion string        `json:",omitempty"` // go version used in module

func (*ModulePublic) String

func (m *ModulePublic) String() string