Package flags

import "cmd/asm/internal/flags"

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Package flags implements top-level flags and the usage message for the assembler.


var (
    Debug      = flag.Bool("debug", false, "dump instructions as they are parsed")
    OutputFile = flag.String("o", "", "output file; default foo.o for /a/b/c/foo.s as first argument")
    PrintOut   = flag.Bool("S", false, "print assembly and machine code")
    TrimPath   = flag.String("trimpath", "", "remove prefix from recorded source file paths")
    Shared     = flag.Bool("shared", false, "generate code that can be linked into a shared library")
    Dynlink    = flag.Bool("dynlink", false, "support references to Go symbols defined in other shared libraries")
    AllErrors  = flag.Bool("e", false, "no limit on number of errors reported")
    SymABIs    = flag.Bool("gensymabis", false, "write symbol ABI information to output file, don't assemble")

func Parse

func Parse()

func Usage

func Usage()

type MultiFlag

MultiFlag allows setting a value multiple times to collect a list, as in -I=dir1 -I=dir2.

type MultiFlag []string
var (
    D MultiFlag
    I MultiFlag

func (*MultiFlag) Set

func (m *MultiFlag) Set(val string) error

func (*MultiFlag) String

func (m *MultiFlag) String() string