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Package png

import "image/png"

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Package png implements a PNG image decoder and encoder.

The PNG specification is at http://www.w3.org/TR/PNG/.

func Decode

func Decode(r io.Reader) (image.Image, error)

Decode reads a PNG image from r and returns it as an image.Image. The type of Image returned depends on the PNG contents.

func DecodeConfig

func DecodeConfig(r io.Reader) (image.Config, error)

DecodeConfig returns the color model and dimensions of a PNG image without decoding the entire image.

func Encode

func Encode(w io.Writer, m image.Image) error

Encode writes the Image m to w in PNG format. Any Image may be encoded, but images that are not image.NRGBA might be encoded lossily.

type FormatError

type FormatError string

A FormatError reports that the input is not a valid PNG.

func (FormatError) Error

func (e FormatError) Error() string

type UnsupportedError

type UnsupportedError string

An UnsupportedError reports that the input uses a valid but unimplemented PNG feature.

func (UnsupportedError) Error

func (e UnsupportedError) Error() string